What Causes Inflammation and How to Relieve It in King of Prussia?

What Causes Inflammation and How to Relieve It in King of Prussia?

What Causes Inflammation and How to Relieve It in King of Prussia?

Despite the negative connotation, inflammation in its proper function is actually good for our bodies. The body’s white blood cells and immune proteins protect us from infection, viruses, and bacteria. Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response in King of Prussia — we can’t heal without it! However, when it gets out of control, or the immune system triggers an inflammatory response when there is no infection to fight off, it can inflict severe damage to the body, causing painful conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis.

What Causes Inflammation in King of Prussia?

Inflammation takes place when chemicals from the body are released into the blood or affected tissues, which increases the blood flow to the area of infection. Some of the chemicals can cause a leak of fluid into the tissues, which can result in swelling. The release of these chemicals and the increased blood flow draw white blood cells to the sites of inflammation. The increased number of cells and inflammatory substances within the joint can wear down cartilage, cause irritation, and cause swelling of the joint lining.

How To Relieve It

There are a few things you can do to help alleviate the pain caused by inflammation. For starters, you can change your diet. Foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar can increase inflammation by causing overactivity in the immune system, which can lead to fatigue, pain, and blood vessel damage. Foods that can help curb inflammation include whole grains, fish, leafy greens, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, berries, and nuts. Some simple home remedies include: applying cold or heat, taking medication like aspirin or ibuprofen, wrapping the area in a compression bandage, and stretching exercises to build strength.
For more severe cases, your doctor might recommend supports such as splints or braces, surgery, physical therapy, or chiropractic care. Visiting a Main Line chiropractor regularly is an excellent way to both relieve and prevent pain, since chiropractic adjustments have been used to reduce inflammation in joint injuries and sinus conditions. If your spine is adjusted by a Main Line chiropractor, normal biomechanics return to the body and stop the production of neuropeptides, which cause inflammation.

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