Once You Start Going to a Chiropractor in King of Prussia, Do You Have to Keep Going Back?

Should You Keep Going To a King of Prussia Chiropractor Once You Start?

Should You Keep Going To a King of Prussia Chiropractor Once You Start?

Some people hesitate to seek a Main Line chiropractor because of the following question: Once you go, do you have to keep going back forever? The fear seems to be that you’ll become “hooked” on chiropractic treatment in King of Prussia, which will necessitate a long-term commitment.

You Can't Get "Addicted" to Chiropractic Treatment in King of Prussia

The complete answer to this question is complicated, but the short answer is no. Going to the chiropractor once does not mean you HAVE to keep going back for the rest of your life.

Nonetheless, many patients at our Main Line chiropractic offices benefit from extended treatment. This is especially true of patients who stress the spine the same way over and over. Do you sit in the same chair for hours each day while at work? Do you do a lot of lifting or bending on a regular basis? If so, the spinal segment we treated once may require further treatment in the months or years to come, in which case you’d benefit from regular care.

Chiropractic for Regular Maintenance Care

Think of it this way: Chiropractic treatment is a little like maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen. You don’t HAVE to do these things. If you choose, you can live on nachos and never leave your couch! But it’s in your best interest to eat right and exercise, because these things enrich your health and promote long-term wellness. Similarly, regular chiropractic treatment isn’t necessary, but it does promote the long-term health of your spine and neck.

For every patient who seeks our Main Line chiropractic services, we will provide the best treatment possible to resolve the issue at hand and provide recommendations to keep it resolved. But we do recommend that our patients take advantage of our regular spinal checkups to prevent the problem from recurring and to avoid developing new problems. Safe, natural, and convenient, these treatments will keep you feeling your best and help prevent nasty problems from springing up years down the road.

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