How Can I Prevent a Hip/Knee Replacement in King of Prussia?

How Can I Prevent a Hip/Knee Replacement in King of Prussia?

Chiropractic King of Prussia PA Hip Knee Replacement

Are you avoiding your next doctor’s appointment, afraid that your persistent knee or hip pain will lead him or her to recommend a joint replacement in King of Prussia? While sometimes this can be inevitable, there are many less drastic measures you may want to try first.

Weight Loss and Exercise To Prevent Hip or Knee Replacement in King of Prussia

Exercise and weight loss are your first line of defense. The force you place on your joints can be up to six times your weight, so losing weight will help reduce this pressure. According to a study conducted at the American College of Rheumatology, dropping 15 pounds can cut knee pain in half.

When it comes to dieting, however, be wary of anything advertised as a “quick fix.” Work with a dietician to ease your way into reducing calories while still receiving the nutrients your body needs. While sometimes effective for weight loss, trendy diets tend to skimp on necessary nutrients and often aren’t sustainable in the long term. A good rule of thumb is to stick with simple, whole foods you can cook at home, loading up on vegetables and cutting down on refined sugar.

In terms of exercise, you’ll also want to start slow. Begin with simple exercises like stretching and walking. While it can be intimidating at first to start an exercise regimen, it’s very worthwhile. Building strong muscles around your joints will relieve even more of the pressure they must sustain each day. Focus especially on strengthening your quads, which can take extra weight off of the knees, and the gluteal muscles, which contribute to hip strength and flexibility.

Within four to six weeks of starting daily exercise, most people start to perceive a change in their bodies. So if the first few weeks are especially hard for you, keep this in mind!

Chiropractic Care

Visiting a Main Line chiropractor can also be pivotal in preventing the need for a hip or knee replacement. Your chiropractor can create an individualized treatment plan that includes chiropractic adjustments, posture advice, stretching, and other therapies. These treatments strengthen weakened muscles, improve joint mobility, and reduce inflammation &emdash; all of which should lessen your experience of daily pain.

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