How Can I Maintain My Range of Motion As I Age in King of Prussia?

How Can I Maintain My Range of Motion As I Age in King of Prussia?

How Can I Maintain My Range of Motion As I Age in King of Prussia?

As the years go by, we all start to notice a drop in our flexibility and range of motion in King of Prussia. (Ever tried reaching for your shoelaces past the age of 40?) We may move a bit slower, feel weaker and achier, and find that our everyday tasks are becoming, well, a little harder than they used to be. But before you flop down on the couch and give up, listen to this. There are a few simple ways you can maintain your range of motion as you get older. Start implementing these strategies now to minimize loss of flexibility in the future:

1. Get moving in King of Prussia.

Sitting is a silent killer. Without regular exercise, your body’s joints and muscles stiffen, scar tissue or adhesions can form, and slowly but surely mobility plummets. As energy levels also drop, changing a sedentary lifestyle can become even more difficult. Most people think that movement is the source of pain, but lack of movement can be just as debilitating when this lifestyle continues long term. Consequently, be sure to include an exercise routine as part of your wellness strategy.

2. Stretch properly and often.

Congratulations, you’ve motivated yourself to keep moving as you age! The next step is to ensure that those working muscles and joints are being cared for often through frequent, proper stretching. Regular stretching will not only help maintain your range of motion; it will keep injury at bay, improve your circulation, and even straighten your posture. Not sure which stretches are best for your body? Consult a Main Line chiropractor.

3. Receive care from a Main Line chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can work wonders for your body, especially when you receive it on a routine basis. Regular chiropractic adjustments relieve the spine of misalignments, thereby maintaining and even improving your range of motion — even for older patients. Other benefits include pain relief, better balance, and greater strength. You wouldn’t leave your car to age without taking it to the mechanic on a regular basis; keep your body “tuned up” through regular chiropractic care!

If you’re in need of a Main Line chiropractor, look no further than Dr. Johns of Johns Chiropractic and Rehabilitation! Through a personalized combination of chiropractic care and decompression therapy, you’ll be set to maintain your range of motion well into your golden years.

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